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Led by Allure Ventures Inc., the developer’s design team collaborated to present homes that exemplify a total lifestyle experience. The design is centered on the premise of ensuring livability, comfort and quality. Allure understands the importance of each attribute to the homeowner experience and satisfaction with their important investment. The combined efforts result in the creation of great individual spaces and a community with shared amenities that go well beyond the standard.


The founder and ownership group of Allure Ventures Inc. are business leaders that have invested in the Surrey market for years as employers within a substantive family of construction companies. They bring their passion for the neighbourhood to the development projects they are envisioning forward, with a focus on liveability and quality. Allure is committed to developing communities that home owners can be confident investing in.


IBI Group

Allure partnered with IBI Group because of their community driven design focus and exceptional reputation in the British Columbia Market. IBI is actively defining cities for tomorrow. Allure knows from experience that IBI is the architectural firm that can make a developer’s vision a design reality. The collaborative approach of IBI assures future-forward solutions to livability challenge. IBI believes in cities built up on intelligent systems, sustainable buildings, efficient infrastructure, and the human touch. Allure appreciate the perspective IBI brings to this exciting project.

Interior Design

Cristina Oberti
Interior Design

Cristina Oberti, founder of the company with her namesake, Cristina Oberti Interior Design, is well known for bringing life to building through her vision. The interior design firm is one that is well suited to the Allure desire to achieve an aesthetic that enhances the homeowner’s living experience. Cristina Oberti specializes in multi-unit residential developments and commercial designs, and her firm offers proven industry experience, extensive knowledge, and systematic design processes.


Allure recognizes that the decision to invest in a new home is an important one. Allure is committed to superior construction and quality throughout. Allure commits to the durability of each homeowner’s investment. All homeowners are provided with a homeowner’s manual that provides details on recommendations for the care and upkeep of their home, user guides for appliances and major features and strata information. The Allure Customer Care team is available easily by phone or email to support homeowners and answer any questions. Allure, provides a comprehensive home warranty for homeowner peace of mind. Each home is covered by what is known in the BC residential market as the 2-5-10-year warranty. The warranty is regulated by the Homeowner Protection Office and is supported by Allure’s warranty partner. The homeowner warranty covers:
Defects in labour and materials
Defects on labour and materials related to the major delivery and distribution systems
(electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning)
Building envelope including water ingress
Structure of the building